08 Feb 2022


Raw footage of current state of the occupied city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada after 10 days of siege by the movement freedom convoy. Following a first weekend of protest on January 29-30 truckers from all across Canada established camp in the capital city. As of the first Monday it was clear that the downtown core of Ottawa was under siege as protesters parked big rigs, RV’s, work trucks and other vehicles. Motorists established camp along the busiest roadways among them Wellington Street on a stretch of one kilometer from Bay Street to the Rideau Centre. On Monday February 7th 2022 on day 10 of the occupation of the city, the government declared a state of emergency. Pockets of supporters of the freedom convoy trucker’s rally movement can still be seen as of tonight in these images at various intersections of the downtown core. Overwhelmed police officers and exhausted residents by the sound of constant horns for over a week have been putting pressure on the protesters among other things by filing a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the organizers of the convoy.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/pascalmarch/videos