08 Feb 2022


Please be prepared for a potential raid by Police tonight! Some whistle blowers have claimed that the Riot Police are in their way tonight and they are going to use aggressive tactics and make a bunch of arrests! This information isn’t 100% confirmed but it’s the same people bringing the attention to this that brought attention to the raid at Coventry before it happened last night! Stand down and don’t let them get you worked up!! These guys are going to go down in history and their time will come. Also be prepared for a potential media black out around Ottawa!!! If you see anYoutubehing go down and everYoutubehing goes dark, get out here and protest peacefully!! We need more numbers during the week!! As many as possible!! The tactics they are starting to use are above and beyond what is necessary. They are moving local police authorities out of the city and bringing in ones that we don’t have a relationship with. This is our last chance to stand up against tyrannical rule and wannabe communist dictatorship!! If you’re going to stand up for your country NOW is your last chance to make it count… God Speed..

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSFKqYxrBNSpvx59zphI6QA/videos