26 Jan 2022


The Freedom Convoy in Canada is more than just a rally. A chronology of the historic event. On Sunday, cars pulled out of British Columbia. On Monday, they were joined by drivers from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. By Tuesday evening, the cars had reached Ontario. At the most conservative estimate, the convoy through the province of Saskatchewan reached 70 kilometers. On January 26, Ontario drivers joined the cars coming from the west. On Jan. 27, convoys from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick departed. On the same day, drivers in Quebec and nearby Ontario will join the action. Newfoundland has confirmed that they have been able to find ferries and they too will participate in the action. The rally will begin at 12 noon on January 29 in front of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa. According to the latest projections, the trucks and escort vehicles will stretch for several kilometers around the city. About 10,000 cars from the U.S. states of South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia and California intend to come to Canada to participate in the rally. If the cars are not allowed to pass the border, they plan to picket at the border. In addition to the truckers, a huge number of ordinary people take part in the action. Cars and SUVs join the convoy of trucks, with Canadians with flags cheering along the way. Families and their children travel to Ottawa to support the drivers. The rally is already recognized as the largest in Canadian history. According to some reports, the convoy of trucks has already been named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest. Participants raised 4,809,000 on the Gofundme site, making it one of the 15 most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the site’s history. The press has been very vocal about the fact that the money has been frozen. Campaign organizer Tamara Leach said the situation was under control and donations could continue to be made through the site. Representatives from several federal police departments spoke out in support of the campaign and expressed their admiration for the actions of the truckers, who were able to rally Canadians and give hope to the world. In recent days, the event has been covered by the Canadian mainstream media in an extremely negative way. On January 15, a Facebook page was created in support of the movement called “Convoy to Ottawa 2022.” By the end of the day on January 25, the group had reached 570,000 members. The Canadian Trucking Alliance criticized the rally and denied their support. The Facebook page states, among other things: “The march is not organized as an anti-vaccination action. It is a rally against all government pandemic regulations – mandates. We believe that every Canadian has the right to choose and should not be subjected to any discrimination or restriction of their freedoms because of the choices they make.” “The Canadian Trucking Alliance is a private, corrupt organization that has nothing to do with us.”

Source: https://t.me/bigshocktheory