18 Jan 2022


The German police do not serve people, but monsters in the government who give them vile and pathetic orders to detain their fellow countrymen and beat up their own people. Sometimes you get the feeling that these police officers are like cyborgs, programmed only to harm people, devoid of human feelings and emotions. In the moment shown in the video, the cops started spraying pepper spray on the participants of the rallies against the forced vaccination. Do they have the intelligence and the logic to realize at last that you cannot make people angry – neither in Germany nor in any other country, if only because there are always more people than policemen (everywhere), and when people’s patience runs out, those policemen get really scared. All for the time being. We need to show these cops videos from Kazakhstan, maybe, so it will come to their senses, what can be expected from people, driven to despair, including police brutality.

Source: https://t.me/bigshocktheory