17 Jan 2022


Canadian truckers have announced a full-scale nationwide strike, which will begin on January 23. They openly declare that “store shelves will be empty, there will be no food, and it will continue until the government repeals the mandates for mandatory vaccinations. Earlier this week, news circulated widely that the previously announced vaccination mandate for cross-border truckers would go into effect Jan. 15. Just a day or two before that date, the Canadian government announced, (https://t.me/bigshocktheory/17422) that it would not impose a vaccination requirement because it would create an immediate shortage of truckers. People cheered, and the problem seemed to be solved, but officials later retracted their words and said that the vaccination requirements remained in place. Most supermarkets had about three days’ worth of food left on the shelves. Most gas stations have about the same number of days’ worth of gasoline in their tanks. Hospitals are running out of bandages, sterile water, and medicine. Water utilities have only one week’s supply of chlorine to clean municipal water supplies. This is just a brief list of the widespread effects of the truckers’ strike.

Source: https://t.me/bigshocktheory