28 Jan 2022


“The country’s supply chain has been in decline for over a year now because of numerous provincial governments that have imposed draconian measures and anti-democratic restrictions on the operation of businesses and the entire Canadian economy. When our demands are met, the government will open up the country and abolish digital passports and mandates, as Britain has just done, we will do absolutely everything in our power and as fast as we can to restore the supply chain of goods in the country. Once again, we want to clarify our short and sensible list of demands: ▪️Federal and provincial governments must abolish vaccination passports, all mandatory contact tracing programs and applications, and passport systems. ▪️Rescind all mandates for coronavirus vaccines and all attempts to violate the rights of those who choose not to be vaccinated. ▪️Stop speech that pits Canadians against each other, leading to divisions in society through attacks on Canadians who disagree with government regulations. ▪️Stop restricting debate through coercive measures to censor those who have different or incorrect opinions. We want you to know there is hope! The authoritarian actions of Justin Trudeau and Transportation Minister Omar Alhabr were a necessary combination to generate a massive response and a level of unprecedented unity among Canadians. For the first time in the country’s history, we are seeing the unification of all Canadians, from Alberta, the western provinces and Ontario to the coastal provinces, Indigenous peoples, and our brothers and sisters from Quebec, the province most affected by the draconian measures of the past year. A united and free Canada will be our future, and it begins now by reminding the government that its duty is to serve the people. We know that the spirit of Canada is to be kind and loving. Yet freedom always has to fight those who try to limit it, and we must defend it. Now we all have a chance to unite despite our differences and do what is necessary to ensure that our freedoms are protected now and for future generations.”

Source: https://t.me/bigshocktheory