18 Jan 2022


Protests against sanitary segregation took place in nearly a hundred cities in Poland. About 100 localities joined the action. In Poznan, the protest against sanitary segregation, all forms of restrictions, and compulsory vaccinations began in Bernardyński Square. The participants brought banners with photos of victims of experimental vaccinations and several coffins with the inscription “vaccination victim,” which they carried through the streets of the city. Such demonstrations took place in Warsaw, Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Pila, Gliwice, Łódź, Jarocin, and Szczecin, among others. Both public and political organizations and unaffiliated individuals spoke out against segregation and the project under consideration in parliament. At a public hearing a few days earlier, doctors, lawyers, teachers, soldiers, entrepreneurs, patients and parents spoke out against the project, organizers said.

Source: https://t.me/bigshocktheory