Privacy policy


Website automatically collects data necessary only for creating cookies in the user browser. User automatically agrees with using cookies upon using the website. Data sent through the forms on website saved by Company and can be used on Company’s discretion, but it will never be passed onto any third party, unless user specifically authorizes to do so. 

ZESTYLAWYER S.à.r.l-S is responsible for processing data sent through the website. More details on the personal data processing policy can be found by clicking on the link.

What is cookie?

Cookie is a small text file which saves on your PC or mobile phone while visiting the website. It allows to save user’s actions and preferences for a certain period (for example language choice and other options). Thus, the user does not need to perform the same actions every time they visit website. If using cookies is permitted in your browser, they saved automatically when visiting website.

How cookies can be used on our website?

Website uses Google Analytics – application which analyses user’s actions on the website for statistics collecting and to offer relevant advertisement. For example, by using cookies website collecting information about user’s IP address, browser type, language and time the site was used. In addition, website uses Facebook pixel which allows to show user Targeted advertising.

Restrictions for cookies use and opt-out

User can take measures to disable cookies saving on its own discretion. To manage it user has to change privacy settings in his browser. Disabling all the cookies can rise privacy level but it also can restrict use of some functions of the website. Links below can help you to set cookies use in different browser types.

Internet Explorer