Press release

For Immediate Release

Brussels, 14/02/2022

We Are One Life ( is an initiative inspired by the Awakening movement and fueled by the courage and success of the Canadian truckers launched today in Brussels. More and more awakened people join in and support this movement, and the mainstream media try by all means to cover up and never show the magnitude of the movement. 

Indeed, hundreds of thousands of people protest, participate in peaceful manifestations and similar actions across the world. 

There is a need to help everyone participating show that so many other brave men and women, families, workers, businessmen, teachers, students, officials and employees also awaken and demand change. Change for Light, Change for Freedom, Change for Life!

Anyone supporting the movement can easily choose her location on the map. The entry is validated by a simple email confirmation. 

The platform is created and operated by ViralHelp, one of the leading civic rights platforms in Europe, operating out of Estonia and Luxembourg. Evgenia Slinko, one of the founders, had an epiphany that actually was a synergy of her own beliefs and her life mission and what ViralHelp is all about: courage, light and happiness!

ViralHelp is a Luxembourgish-Estonian legal technology startup founded as a response to restrictions imposed by the governments, leaving many people stranded, lost, frustrated, on the brink of poverty. It helps people resolve their emerging daily issues that otherwise would need recourse to always expensive and often inefficient lawyers, using the online tools developed by ViralHelp. 

In Estonia, a country of barely one million population, ViralHelp had launched a campaign in April 2021 whereby the country’s parliament received almost one million verified orders from the constituencies across the country against Law 347 that would grant the country’s Health Service unprecedented powers that would kill a person’s privacy and freedom all together. This was a great example where crowd power actually made a difference.

Contacts: Dr Alex Bogdanov, LLM

[email protected]

Whatsapp: +352661595652